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Solutions for Aluminium Industry
Carbon Cathode Blocks

EI GRAPHITE LLP is working with FANGYUAN GROUP LTD, China and is providing solutions to the Aluminum industry in the form of Cathode Carbon Blocks.

FangYuan Group Ltd is a leading refractory manufacturer and service company located in Lushan County, Henan province, China. The company was established in 1974 and was originally called Lushan Carbon Refractory Company. It was one of only a few refractory suppliers appointed by the metallurgical department of China. Each year, the company produces over 60,000 metric tons of refractory materials. The company currently employs 1500 full-time employees including over 200 refractory engineers and technicians. Fangyuan Group’s product lines include blast furnace linings, electric smelting furnace linings, carbon electrodes, cathode carbon blocks and graphite blocks.

Our products have been utilized in 29 provinces and autonomous regions in China and 10 countries worldwide.
Carbon Cathode blocks

Fangyuan Group Ltd has extensive experience and advanced equipment for the manufacture of different grades of carbon products.

For the aluminum industry, Fangyuan has extensively researched and developed methods for improving electrical conductivity, erosion and corrosion resistance. Our annual output for cathode blocks is 10,000 metric tons. We also produce sidewall blocks. Our cathode blocks utilize high quality electric calcined anthracite and synthetic graphite as primary materials. During our production process, our raw materials are:

  • Mixed in 1200-4000 cubic liter mixers
  • Molded in high frequency vibration molds.
  • Baked at high temperature for certain grades, the blocks are vacuum impregnated and graphitized.
  • Finished by machining