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EI Graphite feels proud as it represents world’s most leading manufacturers who are renowned specialised solution providers to the Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Sealing industries in India.
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Solutions for Iron & Steel Industry
Carbon Lining for Blast Furnace & Submerged Arc Furnace
EI GRAPHITE LLP is partnering Lushan Xinxing Lining Material Co. Ltd., China in India. Lushan Xinxing Lining Material Co. Ltd., China is part of the Lushan FangYuan Group.
FangYuan Group LTD operates the largest carbon block production facility for blast furnace linings in China. Each year, the company produces over 60,000 metric tons of refractory materials.  FangYuan Group LTD also provides a full range of lining services including lining research, lining design, sales and construction. The company currently employs 1500 full-time employees including over 200 refractory engineers and technicians.
FangYuan Group’s products and services include not only blast furnace linings, but also electric smelting furnace linings, carbon electrodes and other types of lining materials.
In the past few decades, the product research & development has mainly focused on increasing furnace efficiency, reducing process consumption and prolonging furnace campaign life. The company is proud to have successfully completed over 500 blast furnace lining installations (100M3 – 4300M3) and over 300 electric smelting furnace lining installations worldwide. Our products and methodologies have been utilized in 30 provinces in China and in over 10 countries worldwide. 

The company possess many major sets of equipments in producing, processing, and transporting areas, such as the single large-scale direct current electric calcimine, large scale and high frequency vibrating forming machine, 18m x 18m steel pre-assembly platform and vacuum lifting system. 
Over the past 10 years, FangYuan Group Company has worked closely with two major Iron and Steel companies and invented, so far, the world's only compounding lining methodology.  By compounding different refractory materials, like baked carbon block, self-baking carbon block, ceramic brickwork etc. we are able to select different materials to construct the hearth and bottom section of the furnace fully based on furnace's workload and condition, and this new compounding technology offers our customers the following advantages:
  1. Different materials are utilized based on furnace's workload and condition to lower the overall construction cost.
  2. Certain materials like ceramic brickwork in the compounding lining prevent heat from wasting.
  3. The compound lining increases the temperature of the liquid iron, which increases the furnace's output quality.
  4. The compoundlining strengthens the furnace structure,and the furnace service life istherefore prolonged.
  5. New furnace'swarming up time is also shorterthan normal warming up standard,and new furnace can be put in productionmuch sooner. 
Given below is an example of Compound Lining of Self-Baking Carbon Block- Ceramic Brickwork in use in several Blast Furnaces all over the world.
Graphical Representation of Cement Kiln
Customer Country Year Of Supply
Jayaswals Neco Ltd. India 1994
Ziscosteel Zimbabwe 1995
Protisa Iron & Steel Spain 1995
Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. India 2005
Steel Authority Of India Limited, Rourkela Steel Plant India 2007
Essar Steel India 2009
Steel Authority Of India Limited, Bokaro Steel Plant India 2010
* The above are a few of our esteemed customers. Please contact us for our complete references..