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EI Graphite feels proud as it represents world’s most leading manufacturers who are renowned specialised solution providers to the Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Sealing industries in India.
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Solutions for Iron & Steel Industry
Gas Purging System, Prefabricated refractories and Tundish Refractories
METAMİN Mümessillik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been producing prefabricated refractory products at its Beylikdüzü plant near Istanbul since 1992.

These prefabricated refractory products are used in gas purging systems and sliding gate systems of ladles at steel production plants. Liquid steel bath in the ladle is stirred by blowing inert gases with the help of gas purging system prefabricated refractory members.
Our production programme offers gas purging plugs, sleeves, well blocks, distance rings and installation mortars for gas purging systems and nozzle bricks, well blocks and installation mortars for ladle sliding gate systems.

Besides these prefabricated refractory products, other standard and custom-made parts used in steel production plants are also within our scope of production. Our product spectrum has widened with the refractory mix and mortar production in 1997.
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Ei-graphite LLP Ei-graphite LLP
Ei-graphite LLP