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EI Graphite feels proud as it represents world’s most leading manufacturers who are renowned specialised solution providers to the Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Sealing industries in India.
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Solutions for Iron & Steel Industry
Refractories for Iron & Steel Making

EI GRAPHITE LLP is partnering SÖRPA DIȘ TİCARET A.Ș., Turkey in India.

SÖRPA is the International Marketing arm of SÖRMAŞ SÖĞÜT REFRACTORY MATERIALS INC., Turkey.

SÖRMAŞ was founded in 1976 for the manufacture of refractory materials. The company is now manufacturing various refractory products along with mortars, castables, ramming and gunning

materials with the aim of meeting the expectations of customers.
With 50,000 ton/year production capacity, SÖRMAŞ is serving customers in Iron & Steel, Glass, Lime, Metallurgy and Ceramic industries along with refractories for power plants, refineries and incinerators.

Today SÖRMAŞ has been producing refractory materials in two mainly group based on ALUMINA and MAGNESITE. With both basic and non-basic products, ranging from bricks to mixes and from slide gates to precast shapes, SÖRMAŞ offers durability and confidence to its customers.

Refractories supplied to the Iron & Steel industry include products for:
  • Basic Oxygen Furnaces
  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Steel Ladles
  • Slide Gate systems
  • Hot Metal Ladles
  • Torpido Ladles
  • Vacuum Degassers
  • Hot Metal Mixers
  • Hot Blast stoves
  • Reheat Furnace
  • Lime Kilns

Pusher Type Reheating Furnace
Graphical Representation of Cement Kiln
Graphical Representation of Cement Kiln Torpedo Ladle